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Product Solutions

Honeywell Total Connect™

Asbuilt Fire Alarm System
IPF System is the most advanced fire alarm system on the market today. It utilizes all the latest Ethernet/IP Communication Technologies to deliver a fast, scalable and highly reliable fire control system.
24 Hour UL Central Station Monitoring
Fire Alarm Systems
Design, Install, Support

DSX Access Control (2 packages)
DSX-1022 Package
This package is priced to compete but contains more capabilities than others including the full feature rich version of WinDSX.
DSX-1040 Package
The WinDSX System is a PC based Building/Facility Management and Monitoring System used to control and monitor personnel and alarm activity. By making extensive use of distributed processing, the DSX System integrates access control, alarm monitoring, elevator and HVAC control, guard tour, time and attendance, and video imaging into a single Windows based system using an ordinary PC.

Silent Knight Alarm System
Intellinight Silent Night 5820xl
IntelliKnight is the first fire alarm system to combine addressable value and performance with exclusive built-in digital communication and distributed intelligent power. There’s no other system like it.